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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

As the foremost expert in the production and logistics of medical cannabis, we offer a comprehensive range of services.


How it Works

EU-GMP Manufacturing

We guarantee high-quality and cost-effective product manufacturing in accordance with EU-GMP standards on behalf of our customers.


Contract Manufacturing


Storage and Distribution

Trucks Parked In Line

Import and Export

As a leading narcotics specialist and end to end service provider for medical cannabis, our team has many years of experience in handling narcotics, manufacturing APIs and final products. Using market leading technologies, we can guarantee our customers the highest level of quality with best-in-class service.

Partnering with us guarantees cost savings in manufacturing and elevates the quality of your products simultaneously. As a EU-GMP manufacturer we have validated all processes and equipment to guarantee these high standards.

Why Blossom?

Put the experts to work. Invest your time wisely.


End to End Service

All parts of the value chain are completely handled by Blossom.

For many years we have specialised in logistics, processing and packaging of narcotics and medical cannabis products. We work with customers to manufacture, release and ship products globally


Blossom are EU-GMP certified. 

Never compromise on quality or safety.

Final product manufacturing & release

API product manufacturing & release 


Experienced Partner

Your honest, reliable and qualified  medical cannabis partner.

As an industry leader we have many years experience handling narcotics. Trust us to be your partner and deliver high-quality products to consumers worldwide.


The latest from Blossom

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