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Transforming GACP raw material into EU-GMP medical cannabis flower. 

GACP medical cannabis flower must be processed and certified under EU-GMP standards to be sold in the European medical cannabis market. Our manufacturing facilities can perform this process, which includes stabilising & drying flower to comply with approved specifications in line with regulated markets. Blossom installations are equipped with state-of-the-art drying and processing equipment.
Our air is filtered and supplied by an air handling unit compliant with ISO 8 clean room standards. Drying variables such as temperature, relative humidity and drying flow rate are monitored and automatically controlled by an electronic monitoring system, allowing Blossom to process material to specific market requirements. The final product is validated using analytical methods that comply with approved specifications.

Raw material is processed to the customer’s final product specifications. Thorough testing will be undertaken when the product is received. Testing will also be undertaken at a batch level once the product has been processed and packaged to ensure specific batch releases. A qualified person from Blossom’s team will review and approve each batch for release to ensure the product qualifies under EU-GMP.

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