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Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Partner


Our Mission

At Blossom, we are dedicated to transforming the pharmaceutical industry through excellence in contract manufacturing and being the No.1 B2B supplier of cannabis in Europe


Our mission is to be the premier partner for brands, providing top-tier manufacturing services that enable them to deliver high-quality products to consumers worldwide.

Our commitment to innovation and compliance drives us to create cutting-edge solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients.


We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety throughout our manufacturing processes, ensuring that every product leaving our facility is of the utmost purity, consistency, and potency.

Our Story

We are leading narcotics specialist and end to end service provider for medical cannabis. Our teams many years of experience in handling narcotics, manufacturing APIs and final products using market leading technologies means we can guarantee our customers the highest level of quality and best in class service.

As the foremost expert in the production and logistics of medical cannabis products, we offer a comprehensive range of services.

At Blossom we take great pride in our Core Values; Customer Focus, Empowerment, Innovation, Integrity & Ethics and Quality. 


These values work together to form the foundation of every decision we make, keeping us grounded as we continue to grow and make an impact.


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