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Blossom Achieves Significant Milestone: Receives GMP I & GMP II Licenses from INFARMED

Updated: Oct 3, 2023


Blossom Pharma Achieves Significant Milestone: Receives GMP I & GMP II Licenses from INFARMED to Manufacture Medical Cannabis

Location: London, United Kingdom Date: 19/09/2023 Website:

Blossom, an industry leader in pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis production and distribution, is pleased to announce that it has received Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP I) and (GMP II) licenses from the National Authority of Medicines and Health Products, I.P. (INFARMED). This accreditation marks a pivotal achievement, allowing Blossom to commence full-scale manufacturing of high-quality medical cannabis to meet the growing global demand for safe and effective cannabinoid-based treatments.

GMP Certification: A Testament to Quality and Compliance GMP I & II licenses represent the highest standards in pharmaceutical production, ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. This certification emphasises Blossom Pharma's commitment to quality, safety, efficacy, and compliance, as it undergoes rigorous evaluations to validate the effectiveness of its manufacturing processes, operational procedures, and quality control measures.

Advancing Medical Cannabis Research & Access Blossom continues to prioritise advancements in medical cannabis research and development, focusing on creating cost effective production methods designed to manufacture a variety of products to treat various medical conditions. The receipt of the GMP I & II licenses enables the company to enhance its production capabilities, expand its product portfolio, and solidify its presence in the international medical cannabis market. Blossom is one of a few companies in Europe to have EU-GMP I & II for medical cannabis manufacturing. This puts Blossom in a unique position to assist brands and enable them to deliver high-quality products to consumers worldwide.

Blossom’s CEO, Oskar Fletcher, expressed immense pride and enthusiasm, stating, “Receiving the GMP I & II licenses from INFARMED is a monumental accomplishment for Blossom, underscoring our relentless pursuit of excellence in manufacturing medical cannabis products. This endorsement not only validates our unwavering commitment to quality but also facilitates our mission to provide patients around the globe with access to innovative and life-enhancing medical cannabis solutions.”

About Blossom Blossom is dedicated in transforming the pharmaceutical industry through excellence in contract manufacturing.

Our mission is to be the premier partner for brands, providing top-tier manufacturing services that enable them to deliver high-quality products to patients worldwide.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety throughout our manufacturing processes, ensuring that every product leaving our facility is of the utmost purity, consistency, and potency.

As the foremost experts in the production logistics and distribution of medical cannabis products, we offer a comprehensive range of services.

To find out more information please refer to our website;

About INFARMED INFARMED, the National Authority of Medicines and Health Products, I.P., is a government agency responsible for the evaluation, authorisation, regulation, and control of medicines, medical devices, and health products, ensuring their quality, safety, and efficacy.

Future Endeavours With its enhanced capabilities, Blossom is poised to drive the medical cannabis industry forward, contributing to advancements in research, product development, and patient care. The company looks forward to leveraging its newly acquired licenses to foster collaborations, explore new market opportunities, and extend its reach to patients worldwide.

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