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Blossom Forms Strategic Partnership with The James Hutton Institute and Receives £193,706 Grant from

Blossom, a leader in contract manufacturing for medical cannabis products, is pleased to announce a ground-breaking strategic partnership with The James Hutton Institute, a leading research institution. In addition to the partnership, Blossom was awarded a grant of £193,706 from Innovate UK on March 10, 2022, to fund advanced research and development in the medical cannabis sector.

Advancing Medical Cannabis Research The partnership aims to catalyse innovation by combining Blossom’s state-of-the-art manufacturing expertise with The James Hutton Institute's cutting-edge research capabilities. "We're immensely excited to collaborate with The James Hutton Institute. Their scientific acumen aligns perfectly with our mission to explore and expand the medical applications of cannabis," said Oskar Fletcher CEO of Blossom.

Grant from Innovate UK The £193,706 grant from Innovate UK is set to fund a range of projects and studies focusing on improving yields, reducing costs and increasing the safety, and applications of medical cannabis. "The grant is a significant financial boost that underlines the importance and potential of this research. It not only accelerates our R&D capabilities but also validates the promising future of medical cannabis as a treatment option," added Oskar Fletcher CEO of Blossom.

About Blossom Founded in 2019 Blossom is a specialised contract manufacturer in the medical cannabis industry. Offering turnkey solutions for a broad range of cannabis-based products. Blossom is committed to quality, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

About The James Hutton Institute The James Hutton Institute is an interdisciplinary scientific research organisation specializing in sustainable land use, natural resources, and crops. With a strong commitment to innovative solutions and sustainable practices, it is one of the premier research institutions in its field.

Future Prospects The grant-funded research is set to commence in June 2022, and aims to deliver substantial contributions to medical literature on cannabis, with practical applications across the supply chain.

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